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Leo Sjöholm founder and creator of Gangland Sweden he chose to leave G.L after a while and whent to Ukraine to join the war and later on unfortunately died on a mssion (RIP)

More information about L.S you can read it here;

Rafal (Raffa) Badiei second SWE PRES over Gangland Sweden (got sentenced to prison 6 years. He served his time then left G.L 2019 for personal reasons R.B lives a honest life today

More information about Raffa:

Fredrik Johansson third SWE PRES serving time at a forensic psychiatry for different crimes He left G.L after a period

(picture missing)


Current leadership 2024

We dont want to make that information public yet because we dont whant the unnecessary attention. And be targets for smear campaigns and such we have our reasons but sooner ore later we will go public with it!


We update our sites daily and check for bugs so if it does not add up you know why we change passwords and have high security but for some reasons we get complications very often

Gangland Sweden
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